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I'm Jeremy Dickens, and I produce electronic music in many forms, but almost always under the banner of Logickal. My process is one that relies on improvisation and a history of bringing aspects of live performance into the otherwise rigid world of synthesized and computer based music.

I am forever fascinated by the nearly limitless possibilities of electronic music and the futuristic aesthetics that have always run parallel to it, but always want to ensure that there is at least a search for a narrative thread, an expression of ritual or a soul lurking in the machine. This subscription allows me to provide a conduit to like minded listeners, a transmission system to broadcast and connect.

Subscribers will receive all of my music that is released publicly on Bandcamp, plus special subscriber-only releases of outtakes, jams, works in progress and other things extracted from my archives. I plan on enhancing my streaming presence as well, and future possibilities include invitations to live performances, remix opportunities, synthesis and recording workshops and other potential connection opportunities.

Most of all, thanks to all of you for supporting my activities and tuning your receivers towards my broadcast!

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Nashville, Tennessee

Improvised Eclectic Electricism and machines with soul.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Improvised Eclectic Electricism and machines with soul.